David joined Black Star in 1995 and is currently based in Hong Kong, which allows him to spend much time in mainland China.

His career as a photojournalist has taken him to Russia, where he spent parts of two years covering the fall of communism,to China, covering the death of Deng Xiao Ping, to Korea for the Labor Strike of 1997, and back to Hong Kong for its much anticipated handover to China from Britain for Asiaweek Magazine.

To demonstrate David's excellent photographic skill and soundness of character he went on assignment for Stern Magazine, for more than one month starting in May 2000, to document the hostage crisis in Jolo, Philippines, he was later also allowed close access to Libyan leader Muammar Khadafi for a rare interview, while on assignment for Time Atlantic Magazine.

David's photography has earned him a first place award with "Pictures of the Year" for his Thai Kickboxing feature in the sports category.

Besides the official Hong Kong team photographer, David was also the only accredited photographer from Hong Kong with full access to the 2000 Sydney Paralympics tournament, which earned him "first prize" in the International Paralympic Committee photo contest.

His photographic work has been published in, Time Newsweek, Business Week, US News & World Reports, as well as corporate brochures of Red Group, American Express, ABB and Lucent Technology and other well known magazines from, Paris Match to Der Speigel, to name just a few.


David G. McIntyre e-mail: david@davidpix.com

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